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Snuggle up with the most elegant duvet ever made. The sumptuous filling ensures the perfect temperature and moisture balance at all times. Our duvets are the ideal companion for your luxurious sleeping experience - every night during hot summers and cold winter nights.

The moisture and heat regulation of the each of the natural fibers is outstanding and is further enhanced by the hypoallergenic cover fabric made from pure organic cotton.


  • Choose your Season

    Summer Duvet

    An ultra light fleece, hight moist-absorbant abilities, light weight - that's what most people love for their summer duvet.

    Our Summer duvets

    All Season

    An all season duvet will come with the greatest possible coverage to work in different situations - to give you the sleep you need.

    Our All Season duvets

    Winter (Duo) Duvets

    Our winter duvet consist of two individual duvets, which have been sewn together at the side. The air pocket between the two duvets provides insulation.

    Our Winter duvets

    Your perfect Combination throughout the year

    All summer and year-round duvers are made with special buttonholes. Two duvets can be combined to make one warmer duvets with the straps provided.

    This way, you are perfectly covered the whole year.

  • Choose your Filling


    • washable up to 60°C
    • low warming factor: suitable for
    people who quickly feel overheated
    • Also suitable as a dual duvet for
    higher warmth needs

    Our Cotton duvets

    Pure new wool

    • High moisture capacity
    • temperature regulating, warming,
    • suitable all year

    Our Pure new Wool duvets

    Camel down

    • High moisture capacity
    • temperature regulating and warming at lower weight
    • light and particularly cuddly

    Our Camel down duvets

    Yak down

    • High moisture capacity
    • "warming champion"
    • very light and gentl

    Our Yak down duvets


    • washable up to 30°C
    • extremely fast moisture regulation
    • high thermal conductivity; also comforable at high temperatures

    Our Silk duvets


    • good moisture absorption
    • high thermal conductivity; also comforable at high temperature

    Our Hemp duvets

  • Choose your Style

    Quilting patterns

    We make use of the unique and different characteristics of natural materials and leverage these with the ideal quilitng style.

    Every seam causes a stiff line accross the highly flexible fabric. Minimizing the seams and desingning the given lines according to the body contours, it is possible to optimize the way your duvet sourrounds you.

    Comfort Quilting

    A: Our optimized comfort quilting pattern is the ideal solution for filling materials, that have a high high material cohersion.

    With our comfort quilting pattern, the duvet snuggles up to your body just perfect.

    This style includes a special neck zone for perfectly cozy closing around your sensitive neck and shoulders. So make sure to place the duvet upside down, to enjoy the full comfort.

    Diamond Quilting

    B: For washable cotton fibers, the diamond quilting pattern is ideal. It keeps the material evenly distributed in place and secures it during repeated washing.

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Natural Fibres - from amazing Animals

Organic Filling Materials - challenging & extreme natural climate conditions bringing forth the most capable solutions.

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SIBARI camel down selection

Lovely and warming in the cooler months and temperature-regulating in the summer. With the SIBARI duvet made with high-quality camel down, you can enjoy a perfectly temperate sleeping environment. Camels live in regions with high fluctuations in terms of daily and seasonal temperatures. In order to cope with these harsh weather conditions, the animals have a coat that can withstand both extreme midday heat and ice-cold desert nights. Camel wool is a very soft, relatively lightweight and temperature-regulating hollow fibre with good moisture retention capabilities. It can absorb a lot of moisture and quickly diverts it into the ambient air.

TERAMO pure new sheep's wool

The TERAMO pure new wool duvet offers a pleasant and balanced sleeping environment whatever the season. The smooth and soft cover is made from organic cotton satin and features an attractive comfort quilting. The Teramo duvet is filled with climate-regulating pure organic new wool. The wool fibres offer outstanding breathability to ensure a balanced temperature and moisture level within the bed. Thanks to its hollow structure, heat cannot get trapped. Moisture is absorbed and then swiftly released into the ambient air. The wool is self-cleaning thanks to the natural lanolin. Simply airing the duvet is all that is required to restore its freshness and volume.

CARINI Camel down & pure new sheep's wool comforter

CARINI duvets, filled with 50% camel down and 50% organic pure new wool: the best of two outstanding natural materials. CARINI provides a pleasant, balanced sleeping environment.

VICENZA yak down selection

Comfortable, snuggly luxury. A VICENZA duvet is as light as a feather and is perfect for all those who feel the cold. The VICENZA yak down duvet boasts wonderful temperature-regulating properties to provide a very pleasant sleeping environment all-year-round. The yak down filling makes the duvet lovely and warm, soft and extremely good at balancing temperature. The elegant batiste cover is made from organic hypoallergenic cotton and provides the ideal cover for the extremely fine yak down hair. Thanks to the attractive comfort quilting, the filling remains evenly distributed and doesn’t slip about.

Organic Fibre "AHIMSA"

Eri silk is an exquisite material that is obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. Eri is light and airy. It can absorb a lot of moisture and still feels pleasantly dry - the perfect material for light summer duvets and for people who like it cooler or like to sleep in warm rooms.
We use so-called "Ahimsa" silk, which literally means "not to hurt". This is a sericulture in which the silk thread is only "wrapped" from the cocoon after the butterfly has hatched from it.

SIENA - Eri Silk - organic-luxury selection

Natural, vegan Fibre

Plant-based fibres, particularly good ecological balance, as it thrives “naturally organic”.

FIRENZE cotton fleece

Cotton is a purely plant-based natural product and is therefore vegan. Its fibre structure makes the fabric skin-friendly. Cotton looks pleasantly cool and soft and is therefore particularly comfortable for people who warm up quickly or who have sensitive skin. It is also breathable and can absorb almost a quarter of its own weight in moisture without feeling clammy. Our cotton duvets are washable up to 60 ° C and are therefore also suitable for people with allergies to animal hair or house dust mites.

PIACENZA hemp fleece

Hemp fibers create a very comfortable sleeping experience: ideal in summer, as they have a cool and refreshing effect. Warming in winter because the fiber is hollow on the inside and forms an insulating heat cushion. The particularly high moisture absorption, the low weight and elasticity are further plus points. Hemp has a particularly good ecological balance, as it thrives “naturally organic”, i.e. without special measures such as fertilization or pest treatment. As a purely plant-based material, it is also ideal for anyone who wants or has to do without animal fibers.