Our Team consists of professionals - sharing the same understanding of manufactory quality and state of the art production capabilities, product function & design, ethical material sourcing and putting the customer first.



In our product development and production, we put a lot of love to every detail. This is only possible, because our team of approx. 50 colleagues provide a strong commitment into this. Doing great things every day, they all help us live the Prolana values and develop further. We are particularly pleased about the collegial, friendly atmosphere in the development teams. Everyone contributes to the idea of perfect quality levels that you - our customers - expect from us and from ours products.

Adrian is the owner & CEO of Prolana in second gen. 2015 he took the responsibility to move the traditional textile company into future - and is committed to the valueable DNA, being reshaped in accordance with dedication to innovation, state of the art manufactory & team orientation.

Values & Innovation

Customer & Product Centricity

"At our location in Waldburg
we manufacture bedding products to the highest quality standards. But what really makes me proud, is the combination of sustainable & ecological aspects with those of the enthusiastic craft & innovative product development. Being like the most old fashioned hardcore "eco" warrier, we meanwhile are setting new standards to quality & credibility."

Jens Schröder, ppa. Director Sales & Marketing

Jens brings almost 30 years of experience in the bedding industry. Product design, functional propositions and the understanding of the customers' needs, is what he contributes to our team.

Values & Innovation

Organic Raw Materials & State of the Art manufactory

Since many raw materials don't grow locally, we have close partnerships worldwide to ecologically & fairly working companies and organizations. We are particularly proud of knowing the people who give their daily commitment.

As founding member of the Fair Rubber association (founded 2012), we are still today the world's only processor of fair rubber certified natural latex.

Being competitive still requires state of the art production capabilities, that continuously drive operational excellence.

Bashkim Musliaj, ppa. Director Operations

Bashkim has over 20 years of production experience in lean and just in time automotive & robotics production. His engagement helps us to migrate our manufactory from tradition to future and utilize our capabilties to a higher extend, fostering quality and design.

Values & Innovation

Multi-Channel Presence

Offering our products to every commercial level and on all possible channels, we want to let our customers decide what is most comfortable from their perspective.

The same way like we provide market access to those in remote locations, we want to reduce any possible hurdles for our customers.

For consumers, we highly recommend visiting one of our trusted retailers for professional advice and products testing. But if you prefer to store "one click" online, we are dedicated to offer you the best possible service for your ecommerce experience, during fulfillment and aftersales.

Michael Terfrüchte, Director eCommerce

Michael is a professional promotion & ecommerce guy, who understands the customer journey.


Attention To Detail

"Our products are created in our manufactory in the Allgaeu. Carefully scoured pure new wool is processed into fleece, mattresses, comforters and pillows are completely produced at our premises. Working with a lot of commitment, our 5o employees maintain and further expand our high quality standards."

Christine Kloß, Production Lead Bedding