There are many labels that want to make an impression. We will show you what really matters in ethical-social, fair and ecological supply chains.
And in the end, transparency is what counts anyway. If you don't know where the materials come from and who the people are and what their challenges are, you won't make a difference even with the most beautiful labels.

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard

GOTS is a certification that guarantees organic and sustainable production of textiles. This certification ensures that the entire supply chain, from the farm to the final product, meets strict environmental and social standards.

GOTS requires that all materials used in the production of a textile be certified organic, and that no toxic chemicals or synthetic inputs are used during the production process. Additionally, GOTS standards require that workers in the supply chain are paid fair wages and work under safe and humane conditions.


BEST incorporates the guidelines for sustainable textiles on the basis of definitions of ecology and social accountability formulated by Internationaler Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft e. V. (IVN), applied to the entire textile production chain.

Because this represents the highest currently achievable level of production, it is logical that only a limited number of products can meet them.

In our range, it is only a few single items that are not certified under this label. Furthermore, we go far beyond these labels' criteria, in particular with regards to fair trade principles


The Fair Rubber organization works closely with rubber producers and industry partners to ensure that their standards are met. It provides a certification system for natural rubber products that ensures fair prices, good working conditions, and environmental sustainability.

About Fair Rubber

GOLS - Global Organic Latex Standard

Global Organic Latex Standard, is a certification standard for natural rubber latex foam. GOLS aims to ensure that organic latex is responsibly harvested, manufactured, and processed from raw materials to finished products, meeting specific environmental and social criteria.

QUL - chemical & physical criteria

"Qualitätsverband Umweltverträgliche Latexmatratzen" is a certification that focuses on the end product, rather than the supply chain. QUL certifies that products are tested for harmful substances and meet high quality standards.

QUL - what it means to us

QUL is very limited in its criteria - but still crucial. As this label does only touch chemical pollution criteria, we use the QUL label, tested by the highly renowned eco-INSTITUTE, to ensure material quality in terms of product safety, is met. Unfortunately, and freuquently misunderpreted, the QUL does not cover any organic or social criteria. Despite regular initiatives, the QUL was not willing to expand its criteria with the relevant topics for ethical and sustainable sourcing.

As for the most labels, criteria are somehow limited and there are always gaps. Therefore, we use a combination of different labels with our own engagements, to meet our criteria: organic, fair, healty, sustainable

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