There is more to say about our core values, than just headlining the claim: green & sustainable.

Action makes a difference.

Ask your retailer or supplier, if she/he met the farmer. Or traveled to the raw materials origin to see, what is going on. So often, we deal with "professionals" who have no clue. No clue about the products, the materials, the people involved. Their challenges. The little thinks where industry cheats or at least, gains a little more efifciency or profit. But someone in the chain will have to take the price.

Silk is not equal silk. You get a silk comforter with "mixed fibers". That means, that there can be 30-40% of whatever is being processed in the filling material factory. All is put together - and with the majority of silk and to leverage its relatively high value, they call it silk overall.

For us - the differentiation is clear. You get what is said. This is what we have done even before our company's formal foundation. And we have not left the path for fostering growth.

We define manufactory quality - to the highest extent. And we do not perceive this attitude being in contrast to our material sourcing principles.

Credibility is an exclusive good today. We believe that there are people who care. And this is our mission.