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Camel down duvet SIBARI - all seasons

Camel down duvet SIBARI - all seasons

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Lovely and warming in the cooler months and temperature-regulating in the summer. With the SIBARI all-season duvet made with high-quality camel down, you can enjoy a perfectly temperate sleeping environment at all times. Camels live in regions with high fluctuations in terms of daily and seasonal temperatures. In order to cope with these harsh weather conditions, the animals have a coat that can withstand both extreme midday heat and ice-cold desert nights. Camel wool is a very soft, relatively lightweight and temperature-regulating hollow fibre with good moisture retention capabilities. It can absorb a lot of moisture and quickly diverts it into the ambient air. So the SIBARI camel duvet is the perfect addition to your bed, all-year-round. The moisture and heat regulation is further enhanced by the hypoallergenic satin cover made from pure organic cotton, complete with an attractive comfort quilting.

SIBARI all-season duvet product details

  • Filling:
    135 x 200 cm: 1,000 g camel down
    155 x 200 cm: 1,100 g camel down
    155 x 220 cm: 1,300 g camel down
    200 x 220 cm: 1,600 g camel down
  • Cover: Satin (organic cotton)
  • Quilting: Comfort quilting
  • Season: All-season

Material properties
Camel down:
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Thermo-regulating
  • Moisture-balancing
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