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Yak down comforter VICENZA - all seasons

Yak down comforter VICENZA - all seasons

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Comfortable, snuggly luxury for all seasons. The VICENZA all-season comforter is as light as a feather and is perfect for all those who feel the cold. The VICENZA yak down comforter boasts wonderful temperature-regulating properties to provide a very pleasant sleeping environment all-year-round. The yak down filling makes the comforter lovely and warm, soft and extremely good at balancing temperature. The elegant batiste cover is made from organic hypoallergenic cotton and provides the ideal cover for the extremely fine yak down hair. Thanks to the attractive comfort quilting, the filling remains evenly distributed and doesn't slip about.

VICENZA all-season comforter product details

  • Filling:
    135 x 200 cm: 1,000 g yak down
    155 x 200 cm: 1,100 g yak down
    155 x 220 cm: 1,300 g yak down
    200 x 220 cm: 1,600 g yak down
  • Cover: Fine batiste (organic cotton)
  • Quilting: Comfort quilting
  • Season: All-season

Material properties
Yak down:
  • Provides excellent warmth
  • Moisture-regulating
  • Really light
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