Collection: Pure new sheep's wool duvets TERAMO

Our pure new sheep's wool duvets, with different filling weights,  two cover fabrics and quilting patterns to choose from.

TERAMO pure new sheep's wool

The TERAMO pure new wool duvet offers a pleasant and balanced sleeping environment whatever the season. The smooth and soft cover is made from organic cotton satin and features an attractive comfort quilting. The Teramo duvet is filled with climate-regulating pure organic new wool. The wool fibres offer outstanding breathability to ensure a balanced temperature and moisture level within the bed. Thanks to its hollow structure, heat cannot get trapped. Moisture is absorbed and then swiftly released into the ambient air. The wool is self-cleaning thanks to the natural lanolin. Simply airing the duvet is all that is required to restore its freshness and volume.

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CARINI Camel down & pure new sheep's wool Duvet

CARINI duvets, filled with 50% camel down and 50% organic pure new wool: the best of two outstanding natural materials. CARINI provides a pleasant, balanced sleeping environment.

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