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Yak down comforter VICENZA - winter

Yak down comforter VICENZA - winter

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The VICENZA duo yak comforter offers real comfort on frosty nights. The comforter is filled with precious, fluffy yak underhair - a lightweight and extremely warming filling. The yak down is dense and durable, yet fine and light. The extremely wavy underhair provides the animal with perfect protection against the freezing cold and icy winds. To increase the level of warmth, two comforters have been sewn together to create a duo winter comforter. The air pocket between the comforters provides excellent insulation. With its batiste cover made from pure organic cotton and featuring an attractive comfort quilting, the VICENZA yak comforter is a light and warm winter comforter that will keep you toasty and warm even in Siberian temperatures.

VICENZA duo winter comforter product details

  • Filling:
    135 x 200 cm: 1,400 g yak down
    155 x 200 cm: 1,600 g yak down
    155 x 220 cm: 1,800 g yak down
    200 x 220 cm: 2,300 g yak down
  • Cover: Fine batiste (organic cotton)
  • Quilting: Comfort quilting
  • Season: Winter

Material properties
Yak down:
  • Provides excellent warmth
  • Moisture-regulating
  • Really light
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