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Your Contribution to Fair Rubber e.V.

With 50 EUR cents per kg of rubber, you can immediately contribute to the people involved in the rubber tree fields.

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The finely balanced zones in the point-elastic natural latex ensure that your body is perfectly supported in all sleeping positions and that you enjoy a soft level of support. Your hips can sink into the mattress. The special horizontal channels in the shoulder region make the ideal choice for side sleepers who prefer a medium to firm mattress. In this option, the pure latex is also the right choice for back sleepers, who do not want to sleep to firm.

All SUPERIOR mattresses come with an extra layer of natural latex, with an equally distributed, medium firmness. This layer can be used on top of the main core or underneath, depending if you want to emphasis the zonal mattress core function, including the special shoulder zone. You can also customize the firmness on the top layer, if you place the softer top layer on top of the medium-firm 15cm core.

Pick a cover for your SUPERIOR mattress to suit your requirements:

Choose between a durable cover made from organic cotton drill quilted with cotton fleece or a cover made from super soft organic cotton jersey, quilted with pure organic new wool, camel down, or luxurious silk.

Carry handles are included on the sides, so you can move your mattress more easily.

Mattress product details

  • Mattress height: 25 cm
  • Core:
    1 x 7.5 cm extra layer of natural latex
    15 cm natural latex

  • Cover: Choose between:
    Quilted drill cover, organic cotton, quilted with cotton
    Quilted jersey cover, organic cotton, quilted with pure organic new wool, camel down, or silk
  • Firmness of the extra layer of natural latex: medium
  • Firmnessof the SANYA SUPERIOR: medium-firm
  • Property: Point and surface elastic
  • Sleeping position: For all types of sleeper, preferrably back sleepers
  • Body weight: Recommended up to approx. 140 kg
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