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Nursing pillow BOBO

Nursing pillow BOBO

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The soft and smooth pillow is filled with spelt husks and freely adapts to any sitting and reclined position. During pregnancy, it is perfect for supporting and relieving the strain on parts of the body. Once the baby has arrived, the pillow becomes a fantastic nursing pillow or a snuggly nest for your baby. The pillow is filled with organic spelt husks. The satin cover is made from organic cotton and comes with a velcro fastener. You can adjust the amount of filling as required.

Nursing pillow product details

  • Size: 20 x 190 cm
  • Filling: 5,000 g organic spelt husks, dust removed and specially cleaned
  • Liner: Organic cotton satin
  • Design: bobo bunny
  • You can find covers for your nursing pillow in our store
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