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Millet cushion

Millet cushion

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A relaxed night's sleep is essential for well-being. Precious organic millet husks perfectly adapt to your movements thanks to their flat, round shape. They both support and relax the head and neck. Millet husks offer ideal orthopaedic support thanks to their subtle rippling and massaging effect. The pillow tends to feel firm and flat, but the subtle movement and amazing adaptivity mean that it doesn't feel hard. Millet husks are finer than spelt and don't rustle as much as a result. The millet pillow remains very loose and permeable, so that both moisture and excess heat can be quickly diverted away from the body. Another benefit: the amount of filling in the millet pillow can be adjusted as desired. The satin cover is made from pure organic cotton and serves to cushion your head for a relaxing and restful night's sleep.

Millet pillow product details

  • Filling:
    40 x 60 cm: 1,900 g organic millet husks
    40 x 80 cm: 2,500 g organic millet husks
  • Cover: Satin (organic cotton)
  • Amount of filling can be individually adjusted

Material properties
Millet husks:
  • Very adaptive
  • Optimum heat transfer
  • Breathable
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