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Latex flake pillow

Latex flake pillow

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Fluffy, flexible and freeing. This pillow is extremely adaptable and malleable thanks to its natural latex filling. The latex pillow is ideal for relieving tension in the neck and shoulders. The flexible properties last for years. The pillow has an extremely stable form and provides important lateral support. The point elasticity is especially ideal for side sleepers. This pillow with natural latex flakes is squashy and malleable yet retains its shape. The washable organic cotton satin cover features a zip fastener, so the filling can be adjusted as required.

Latex pillow product details

  • Filling:
    40 x 60 cm: 1,200 g natural latex flakes
    40 x 80 cm: 1,600 g natural latex flakes
  • Cover: Satin (organic cotton)
  • Amount of filling can be individually adjusted

Material properties
Natural latex:
  • Offers point-elastic support
  • Pleasantly soft
  • Adjustable
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