Collection: Carini camel down & pure new sheep’s wool Duvets

SIBARI camel down selection

Lovely and warming in the cooler months and temperature-regulating in the summer. With the SIBARI duvet made with high-quality camel down, you can enjoy a perfectly temperate sleeping environment. Camels live in regions with high fluctuations in terms of daily and seasonal temperatures. In order to cope with these harsh weather conditions, the animals have a coat that can withstand both extreme midday heat and ice-cold desert nights. Camel wool is a very soft, relatively lightweight and temperature-regulating hollow fibre with good moisture retention capabilities. It can absorb a lot of moisture and quickly diverts it into the ambient air.

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CARINI Camel down & pure new sheep's wool Duvet

CARINI duvets, filled with 50% camel down and 50% organic pure new wool: the best of two outstanding natural materials. CARINI provides a pleasant, balanced sleeping environment.

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