Organic cotton

Hardly any of our products can do without cotton at all. Whether as a cover for our mattresses, as a washable cover or as a filling for our blankets: cotton looks pleasantly fresh and soft in every season of the year.

Cotton is a purely plant-based natural product and is therefore vegan. Its fibre structure makes the fabric skin-friendly. Cotton looks pleasantly cool and soft and is therefore particularly comfortable for people who warm up quickly or who have sensitive skin. It is also breathable and can absorb almost a quarter of its own weight in moisture without feeling clammy. Cotton fabrics are very hard-wearing and they don't mind frequent washing. Our cotton blankets are washable up to 60 ° C and are therefore also suitable for people with allergies to animal hair or house dust mites.

We only use cotton from certified organic cultivation, which is produced without the use of chemical-synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. Genetically modified seeds are also taboo when it comes to organic cotton. We also process almost exclusively fair-trade cotton: In a few exceptional cases, the processing technology requires a specific yarn that is available as an organic product, but not from fair trade.

Our most important partner for fair trade organic cotton is ""Fair for Life"". The common goal is: excellent cotton quality from certified organic cultivation, fair trade. We support the producers in organic farming and help them to improve their living conditions.

Our activities are checked annually according to the GOTS criteria. Processing in GOTS- and IVN-certified companies guarantees that only paints and other auxiliary materials are used in further processing that have previously been checked for their environmental compatibility. In addition, random samples of the finished fabric are regularly subjected to an independent residue check.
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