Das Geheimnis der perfekten Decke: Natürliche Materialien

The secret of the perfect blanket: Natural materials

Natural materials have excellent climate-regulating properties. A warm autumn day followed by a cold night - the fact that a sheep can cope with such temperature fluctuations has to do with the structure of its wool. Camels and yaks have to cope with much colder temperatures. We make use of the different properties of natural products such as pure new wool, yak and camel down hair, cotton and wild silk to create the right blanket for every sleep requirement.
Cotton is ideal for people with less need for warmth. It is washable and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. We only use cotton from certified organic cultivation.
Wild silk is particularly light and absorbs a lot of moisture without feeling clammy. Luxury for the summer and everyone who gets too hot quickly.

Pure new sheep wool (from controlled organic animal husbandry) - camel down hair - yak down hair or: warm, warmer, warmest.
The possibilities for variation are not only offered by the properties of the different materials, but we also produce duvets with different filling quantities - from the light summer blanket to the all-seasons duvet to the duo duvet for winter.
And individualists can put together a combination blanket according to their needs: how about a summer silk blanket and yak down hair for spring and autumn? Both blankets are provided with strips so that they can be combined to create the ultimate cosy comfort blanket.
Every material has its special characteristics, warms more or less, and has different climatic properties. Here, you will find your perfect fit. It doesn't matter which one you choose, one thing is always the same: All our products contain pure nature. Our cotton comes from controlled organic cultivation and the pure new wool from controlled organic animal husbandry. We offer you the duvets in different filling quantities, so you are perfectly wrapped up all year round.
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